Sunday, May 23, 2010

eroge purchasing plans

I was thinking of getting Okiba ga Nai but due to the Akabeisoft2's net activation, I'll be skipping it. If I can't connect to their website without a proxy then chances are the same for net activation and having to use a proxy for that is a pain. I kinda wanted that Shannon figure but we don't know who the maker is so the quality is up in the air.

On a similar note, I think I'll be skipping the RuiTomo games for the same reasons. They also have net activation and it seems both software teams are headed by the same company or something similar; at the very least I remember seeing Akabeisoft2's name somewhere in the 1st RuiTomo's OP credits. The Tomo Nendo looks disappointing. Seems only to support the poses they've shown so far so there's not much you can do with him compared to other Nendos. The fandisk isn't worth it just for that.

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