Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes it's better not to know... :p

I just discovered that Sofmap is clearancing both 1st print Saki DVD 2 and 7 for 2980 yen. This kinda ticks me off since I bought both of them for near MSRP. If I could have held out just a little bit longer...*sigh*. It especially nags me because the quality of the covers are pretty shabby even compared to the ones included with the magazines and if I had gotten them at the current Sofmap price, it would have been worth it but now I'm just feeling like I ripped myself off buying the DVD's at the price I did. Buying both again at the current price definitely won't save me any money at this point and flipping them on eBay won't give me much profit either especially with all those bootleg dakimakuras out on the eBay market.