Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back & Forth

For a while I quit AT&T as my internet provider and went with Clear to try them out. But Clear had numerous problems that were pretty serious. The phone connection was occasionally bad in the morning. The internet speed was spotty at times. The weirdest one has to do with Photobucket; for some reason, it was difficult to view pictures on Photobucket even though I can connect to the website itself easily enough. To be frank, I was disappointed with the reliability of their service. So when AT&T called giving me an offer to go back, I pretty much jumped on it. I don't regret trying out Clear since that's what prompted AT&T to give me a better offer than what I had before however I am still disappointed that Clear's service was as bad as it was.

Monday, November 8, 2010

work worries and baby-sitting

It always scares me that people have dark malice in their hearts, self included. However what scares me even more is that people seem to be more than willing to give into that malice than reel it in for the better good of self and others. It's one of the reasons I don't like working with other people as it's hard to judge how good people are in today's corrupt society. There was a former coworker who would find a way to bring down other people if they find some fault in his workmanship, even legitimate ones that he should pay more attention to. While he's okay to get along with, I would not want to ever work on the same team with him as there is no doubt he would bring down the quality and integrity of our work.

I'm currently help taking care of someone who had foot surgery, a bunionectomy. For various reasons, she went through several doctors but she finally settled on one and had her surgery so now she's going through the several months it's going for her foot to heal up. So far, it seems fine and haven't given her any problems but you never know what might happen with these things.