Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doujinshi shop annoyances...

Thanks to Tenso, there's a few more Japanese online stores you can order from as well as order some things you may not have been able to before due to certain restrictions. However, 2 major stores seems to be adamant against selling to people outside of Japan: the doujinshi shops Tora no Ana and Melon Books. Tora no Ana emailed me saying they won't ship to Tenso and Melon has a specific clause in their TOC saying they're against the use of services like Tenso and proxies. It really annoys me to no end that they would restrict foreigners who have legitimate interest in their products; not only is it a potential source of revenue but totally blocking off that market promotes online piracy as it becomes the only other way of being able to read the doujinshi one would want to read outside of living or flying to Japan.

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