Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last week, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

Dear Internet Diary, it's time for some whine; prepare the cheese. Speaking of which, blog is kinda like that I guess; a diary that's open to public viewing on the internet. Anyways, moving on...

I had taken some pics of Eukrante but then I got tired of it and didn't take any more nor any of Fort Bragg. I got lazy and discouraged. Especially after looking through other people's reviews; they take so much better pictures. I'm so weaksauce... orz I do need to take more pictures though regardless so I'll try to take some more this week. But I probably won't be taking them lightbox style like I did with Eukrante.

On a different topic, had Thanksgiving at my bro's and also bought a ton of stuff again during Black Friday weekend (I should stop doing that). I was tempted to buy a new camera but I feel my current camera isn't old enough and I bought too much toys for myself among other reasons. Anyways, hopefully I'll get around to taking some pics of the new toys as well as toys that's been sitting in their boxes for a while. Happy Holidays. :P

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