Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is this color too tacky for this blog?

I haven't visited this blog in a while. I think I'll use this one for behind the scenes stuff and general minor updates while putting the big or juicy stuff in 2D-ism.

I got a lot of stuff in the mail this past week. Mega Size Gundam arrived from Amiami. The shipping was forced into EMS so I knew it was going to be a big or heavy package but when the box arrived, I was shocked. Huge box is HUGE! I'm definitely taking a size comparison pic of this one. I also got another mouse pad and other stuff. The mouse is a Nico Robin oppai mouse pad which is the one I currently use. What happened to Kanu? She had some problems; not surprising considering the constant problems they have with their outfits. :p I'll outline the problems when I discuss the Nico mouse pad in 2D-ism. I've also come to realize I'm ordering way too many toys and other stuff. I've really am spending more this year than in any other time in my life. Months of savings down the drain, that kind of stuff. Thankfully, I'm pretty much dried up in my toy & figure spending however I've got a new upcoming expenditure which is eroge! I have some big ones coming in summer such as maybe OTBK2 but I've also made my first order from Sofmap! This is big and could mean great things. Although I may be partial against big expenditures on toys, I don't have such qualms when it comes to eroge (well maybe a little)! Assuming everything goes as planned I'll expect some yummy eroge goodies to come to my doorstep during summer. Mwa-hahahaha-!!

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