Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wingstop & KFC

During lunch I had some Wingstop. It's always good stuff. I wanted to order some baked beans but I already had my hands full with the wings, fries, and cheese dip. The place is expensive and there isn't much as far as customer convenience goes but the food obviously makes it worth it as seen by the ever present customers at the place. I really do wish they had an accessible trash can though.

And I had KFC at night. Their fried chicken breading is unmistakably one of the best in the business but the quality of the chicken overall is pretty bad in comparison to Church's, especially when it comes to thighs. Not only is the size of a thigh on a completely different level but the taste and texture is just that much better. I want to try the KFC original recipe strip next time since I want to taste more of the breading.

1 comment:

  1. what is this 'Church's' you mention when comparing with KFC's wings?